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Last Day of Pledge Drive!

Pledge Drive Info:

Help WWOZ have a successful end to the Spring Membership Drive.  There are fewer than 24 hours left. Your pledge today matters. 

504 and More SupportWWOZ

March 12, 2008

Banana ,


Help Us End Our Spring Membership Drive  with a Big Brass Band Finish.

Support The Music

Spread the Spirit of New Orleans and Support the Music today.   

Time is running out.  Our Spring Membership Drive ends tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. during The New Orleans Music Show.  More than 1,300 people have already done their part to make this membership drive a success.  If you are one of them, thank you.  If not, what are you waiting for?

As I write this we need to hear from 500 more people in order to wrap up the drive with a Big Brass Band Finish.  Pledge now. Call 877-507-0007 or use our secure online form.

Support from listeners like you allows us to bring New Orleans to the world and the world to New Orleans.  Every member and every dollar really makes a difference.  Think about how much time you spend listening to WWOZ.  Your gift adds up to just pennies for every hour you listen.

Many of our cool thank you gifts like the blanket/tote and our new CD will only be offered for a limited time.  Plus, the brass passes are flying out of here.  Don't miss your chance to participate. You'll be glad you did. 

When Jazz Fest arrives, whether you join us in person with your brass pass or listen to our fest broadcast online, you'll know that your support helped make it possible.

Thanks for keeping the groove going.

Yours in crawfish tails,

David Freedman

David Freedman
General Manager and a fellow Guardian of the Groove

P.S.  Another way to help is to tell your friends about WWOZ and encourage them to  pledge too.

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