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YOU are Invited to our Annual 12th Night Party

Our Annual 12th Night Party is Bigger & Better Than Ever!
YOU Are Invited! 
Ann & Laura

Guess which one of us is which!
Special Guest: Al Johnson


It's definitely Carnival Time when Al Johnson is around!
Get Tickets HERE!

for House of Blues!
They gave us a heckuva good deal so we could raise money for WWOZ! C'mon down this Friday night. Click the link to get your ticket.
Dear ? Loki Williams ?,

Hi, I'm Laura Guccione from Little Shop of Fantasy & New Orleans Masks.  Every year, my sister Ann and I throw a party on Twelfth Night* to benefit somebody special - this year it's WWOZ radio.
WWOZ Radio brings you all kinds of great music from opera to jazz to R & B to zydeco every day - without ads.  Just listener support!
YOU are invited! It's this Friday night, January 11 at 8pm at the House of Blues. For just $20 you can have a great time, win stuff, and support your home-grown all-volunteer radio station, WWOZ.  Wait 'till you see this year's line up.....
* We know 12th Night was last Sunday, but we couldn't get HOB until this Friday!
Annual Twelfth Night Party
Wear a Costume - You could win the Contest!
wild_magnoliasThis year's combination King-Cake party, Masquerade Ball and Costume Contest will be narrated by Fun-Guy & Famous Journalist Ronnie Virgets.  Fun-Gal & Famous Author Poppy Z Brite is this year's Costume Judge.
Look who's playing music:
  • The Wild Magnolias (pictured)
  • Al "Carnival Time" Johnson
  • Egg Yolk Jubilee
  • Sun Pie & the Louisiana Sunspots

Plus! Special Appearance by Kitty Twist and Perle Noire of Bustout Burlesque!

Wait, there's more!  K-Doe's Baby Dolls will be there too!
New Orleans Mask's Annual 12th Night Party
at the House of Blues
225 Decatur Street
Big Fun - Little Price!  Just $20
Need mo' info?  Call House of Blues at 529-2624
We're the same people we used to be at Little Shop of Fantasy.  We changed the name after Hurricane Katrina blew the shop away!
Visit our website or call us up at 945-2435.  We'll be happy to see you by appointment.
Thanks for reading this note. We'll be looking for YOU this Friday night!
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