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WWOZ Toolin' Up to Member Drive ~ Special Offer

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Thanks for providing WWOZ with the tools we need to provide you with an authentic New Orleans experience every day!

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dear Music Lovers ,  

An authentic New Orleans experience every time you tune in or log on.  That's what you get every day on WWOZ.  As a listener-supported, community radio station, we can only do what we do because of people like you who love and celebrate the music and culture of New Orleans. 

You provided us with the tools to fix our house after Katrina and now, thanks to your support, 'OZ is high and dry above the water line.  But in order to stay there and reach new heights, we need your support now and the help of your friends and colleagues. 

Take a moment to think about everything that makes WWOZ special:

  • We bring you New Orleans festivals as they happen
  • We help you celebrate your holidays New Orleans style
  • Our hosts are knowledgeable and introduce you to new music every single day
  • Even within New Orleans we're the only station committed to celebrating and preserving our culture.

This coming Monday we begin our semi-annual membership drive.  The drive will bring you ten days of great, live music from the studio, likely some surprise guests, and an opportunity for our volunteers to invite 'OZ listeners near and far to join the 'OZ family and demonstrate commitment to preserving the groove.  These semi-annual membership drives represent the largest source of WWOZ's annual operating budget. 

If every 'OZ listener gives just a little, it will add up to a lot.  It will add up to solid assurance that we can stay above the water line and continue to bring the sound and spirit of New Orleans to listeners around the world.

Help us build momentum toward our goal.  It's like building a house.  We need you - one of our most loyal listeners- to help lay the foundation for a successful membership drive.  If you make your pledge by Monday, October 8, we'll show our appreciation by sending you  a very cool tool kit key chain (did you know they make such a thing?) in addition to whatever thank you gift you might select.  New thank you gifts include our CD entitled "Don't Touch That Dial", a cool flag, and the 2008 Brass Pass. 

Keep 'OZ going strong by responding today. 

Highly and dryly yours,   

David Freedman
WWOZ General Manager 

P.S.  Every dollar makes a difference.  Your support at whatever level is right for you will go a long way toward keeping us above the water line.  Use this secure form to pledge your support now or if you'd rather pledge by phone give us a call at 1-877-907-WWOZ (9969) Thanks again.

Forward this message to your friends and colleagues who listen to WWOZ. Encourage them to make a pledge too in order to ensure that we can stay above the water line and continue to offer an authentic New Orleans experience every day of the year!

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