humidcityloki (humidcityloki) wrote in wwoz_90_7fm,

WWOZ Pledge Drive

Invest in the future and double your money today. Your investment in WWOZ goes twice as far today only!  Your donations will be matched dollar for dollar by a very generous donor. You heard us right. For instance, if you donate $60, WWOZ will receive $120. We're doing it all day long, only on Wednesday Dec. 5th! WWOZ will be looking for 600 new or renewing members to join the OZ family. Supporting WWOZ says a lot about who you are and what you value. We like to think that WWOZ is the ultimate New Orleans experience, powered b y people like you. So help us build a future for New Orleans music lovers around the world by renewing your membership orbecoming a new member during our December Power Drive.

Special thanks for all of you who have already pledged your support, but maybe there is room for an OZ membership that a music lover on your
holiday gift list would love.

Pledge Now!
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