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Power Up WWOZ - Putumayo Match Doubles Donations

 Your WWOZ membership support can go twice as far if you act now and we'll thank you with a doubloon and other great thank you gifts.  Help Power Up WWOZ.  Read on for more.
WWOZPower Drive  

'Oz's Future - More of what you love! 

More members and a special match from our good friends at Putumayo World Music will make it possible. 

Support the Music Pledge Now 

Help us jump start our December Power Drive. 

Make your pledge today.






Everyone who pledges $60 or more in response to this email will receive a doubloon in addition to any thank you gift you choose.

December 1, 2007

Dear Guardians of the Groove,  

Take a moment to think about everything you love about WWOZ.

  • Festival broadcasts
  • Holiday celebrations New Orleans style
  • An incomparable blend of music that encompasses the spirit and culture of New Orleans

We envision a future that brings you more of what you love about WWOZ - The Ultimate New Orleans Experience.  We plan to do more live broadcasts, expand our website and streaming, and continue our dedication to preserving and celebrating the culture of New Orleans. We can do all this and more with your support.

On Wednesday December 5th we'll kick off a 3 day Power Drive to help us expand our membership.  But you don't have to wait, we've got two good reasons for you to act now. 

Putumayo worldMusicOur good friends at Putumayo World Music share our dedication to all that is special about New Orleans.  They travel the world seeking out music that is "guaranteed to make you feel good." Their new release Christmas in New Orleans really celebrates the holiday New Orleans style.

Putumayo World Music will match your donation to WWOZ.  That means if you donate $60, WWOZ will receive $120 to put toward the music you love.  Only the first 125 pledges or first $5,000 will be matched so respond today so your dollars can go twice as far.

Plus for every donation of $60 or more by midnight Tuesday, we'll send you a WWOZ Guardian of the Groove doubloon in addition to any thank you gift you may choose.

If every 'OZ listener gives just a little, it will add up to a lot. 

Help us continue to bring the sounds and spirit of New Orleans to the world and bring you move of what you love about WWOZ in 2008. 

Thanks for keeping the groove going strong!   

David Freedman
WWOZ General Manager and a fellow Guardian of the Groove

P.S.  Every member and every dollar really does matter.  Please pledge today so we can maximize this generous match from our good friends at Putumayo World Music.  Thanks.

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